26 January 2012

Winter Whites

I find so much to feel inspired by during the Winter months. I love some of the Winter colours - the bare sparseness, the cool pale frostiness. I am so drawn to these pale, icy blue/grey/white's at the moment. They may be in the cool colour spectrum but I don't find them at all cold. In fact I find them beautiful, soothing and uplifting. I love the airiness of them, the way they seem to go on forever - I feel as though I could dissolve right into them and drift away.

The 3 landscapes above were taken on a recent Winter walk along the coast in Cornwall. The surrounding seasonal colours and textures of nature always seem to find a way into my work, whether it be painting or jewellery. You can probably see from these images how some of my inspiration may come about. A simple walk in the Winter air can lead to a whole new collection of jewellery designs!

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