27 January 2012

An introduction to my Dream Series paintings

My 'Dream Series' paintings are a collection of mixed media paintings on paper. They are developed spontaneously with no planning or drawing involved - rather the paint is allowed to lead the way. Within these paintings subtle forms emerge, like figures and scenes from a dreamscape. The images are personal, or subjective, to the viewer in that each person seems to see something different. 

These images are such fun for me to paint. I love the freedom of allowing the paint to run, the colours to merge, and different surface textures to appear. Each painting has many layers of paint which can give the surface lovely unusual velvet-like textures, which sometimes crackles revealing the layers beneath.

Because of the free and spontaneous manner in which these images were created I couldn't possibly repeat the images again - which makes each original painting very special to me. Because of this I only sell prints of my Dream Series. The prints, though, are fantastic quality and are indistinguishable from the original. To date I have been hand finishing and embellishing each print with iridescent and metallic paints, adding a touch of subtle sparkle that really brings them to life. 

You can see the full range of images from The Dream Series on my main Website.
I also hope to be offering the prints for sale online before too long in my Art Shop.

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