25 January 2012

An introduction to my floral artwork

This is small selection of flower paintings from my portfolio that spans a period of over 23 years. I have mainly specialized in floral work, but I also love to paint seascapes, landscapes, and dreamscapes. Although my imagery can sometimes be quite varied, people have often said that, regardless of subject matter, they can always recognize my paintings by the brush strokes and marks - the way I apply the paint is, apparently, almost as recognizable as a signature.

 I particularly love working with watercolours for the fluidity they allow, though I do enjoy the texture of a thicker body paint, such as oils or acrylics. For this reason I often incorporate areas of impasto to my watercolours to add some detail and texture.
If you were to ask me to define my style of painting I would probably describe it as contemporary art that is semi abstract in nature, with a soft ethereal quality.
Or perhaps simply 'impressionistic'?

You can find more about me along with my full portfolio of paintings on my main Website.
These images are also available for sale as prints in my Art Shop

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  1. Looking forward to seeing more of your unique floral painting one day.