17 March 2012

Please excuse my absence

My computer has finally given up the ghost. It's been threatening for quite a while, so was not entirely unexpected. Luckily all my files were backed up, so nothing much has been lost. Except, of course, my computer.

I hope to have the use of another again soon, hopefully during the first few weeks of April.

Even though it's been an enforced break from 'business as usual', I have found it to be a very productive time in terms of re-thinking and re-evaluating my daily work routine. I am a perfectionist and a workaholic - often to my detriment. I don't take breaks until I have to, and now life has seen to it that I do indeed 'have to'! 

My studio has also benefitted from a major clear out, and I plan to have a huge Studio Sale of Paintings in the not too distant future! There will be lots of my original paintings available at prices that will never be repeated again. So if you have ever thought that you'd like to invest in one of my paintings, then this will be your best opportunity yet to get one at the best possible, one time only, price.

I will post preview images of work that will be available in this coming sale nearer the time, but, for now, maybe checkout my website and see what may be on offer soon . . . 

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