01 September 2012

Colour Palette : summer meadow

I love colour, big time. I could play around with colour forever. And I could talk for hours about the slightest nuance of tone and interplay. But you wouldn't want to read that now would you?! So I thought I could share my love of colour with you in a slightly more pleasing, visual, way. 
And so this is the first (of no doubt many more) 'Colour Palette' posts. Now I can create endless colour stories in little circles. Yippee! 

So here we have a quintessential English meadow . . .

Now I don't know about you, but I'm just not ready to let go of Summer yet, so I've indulged myself with a little summer colour in an attempt to keep it alive for a while longer yet. The colours I've picked and the names I've chosen will, I hope, take you away to a summer meadow on a warm, hazy, lazy, sunny day - lying in a meadow full of fragrant wild flowers that sway, oh so gently, in a whisper of a breeze. Butterflies are busy all around, and you are lying on the soft grass, looking up into an endless expanse of clear blue sky. You can hear chirruping bird song and the sound of the ocean is just beyond. The sun is warm and you are sleepy, peaceful and relaxed. And very, very, happy . . .

Colour can take us anywhere because it sparks our imagination. And our imagination is, after all, boundless. There's nothing wrong with a visual daydream - it can be what sustains and nurtures us from within.

I'm already wondering where I'll go with my next colour palette. Into the woods perhaps, or maybe exploring the colours of a flower petal. Hmm . . . thank goodness for the magic of the imagination, a place where we can visualise worlds full of wonders.

Wishing you a wonderful day, today, and everyday :)

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