21 August 2012

INSPIRATION: Poppies by the Sea

I thought I'd share the story behind another one of my pieces of jewellery with you, and show what inspired me to create it: 

This red and aqua ribbon necklace was inspired by the wonderful sight of bright red poppies against an aqua sea - like glowing jewels set in an expanse of tropical haze:

The poppy photos were taken at a glorious seaside garden just minutes from where I live on the Cornish Coast in England. What a colourful inspiration this garden has been for me!  

In this necklace I used clear glass and/or gemstones that sparkle, like jewels, as the Poppies against the sea, while the crinkles and creases of the ribbon are reminiscent of the ocean waves.

 I love nature. I wonder just where would we be without it's beauty and inspiration?

You can find this necklace here

Have a lovely day!

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  1. uau :) your blog is so beautiful an whimsical. love it. I wish you had the Google Friend Connect so I could follow you. love it deeply. thank you :)

    1. Hi Ana.
      Thank you so much for your great compliment :)
      I did look into getting GFC but decided against it, as apparently it has been discontinued everywhere, except for Google's own Blogger sites. I'm not an expert, quite the opposite in fact, but I wonder if there may be another way you could follow?
      Thanks for visiting Ana, I hope I may see you around again :)
      All the best, Joanne