28 May 2012

My first ever giveaway!

My jewellery shop is fast approaching being 1 year old, and to celebrate I'm doing my first giveaway! 

It is being hosted by Lelanie and Laarnie, two lovely sisters who share a passion for family, sewing, cooking and everything handmade. You can find all the relevant details over on their popular blog To Sew with Love. I'm delighted that they invited me, and there will also be an interview to follow during the week! Check it all out here!

The necklace that I'll be giving away is my 'Blue Bird Necklace':

It's a limited-edition design, in shades of aqua and teal green, with a Turquoise gemstone pendant. It's a pretty, dainty necklace with just the right amount of sparkle for day or evening wear. 

It's the best selling item in my shop to date, with a usual selling price of $58.

For more details regarding length, materials, etc, please see the listing in my shop: Blue Bird Necklace

So for a chance to win this necklace, for free, with free shipping and gift-wrapping, go check out the details on Lelanie's fantastic blog. This offer ends in less than 1 week on June 3rd, 2012, 11:59 PM EST. 
What are you waiting for!!

For all the giveaway details please visit To Sew with Love
And have a lovely day!

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